MBG Lab was initially established as a research laboratory. The lab has designed a number of projects which aim at developing and/or improving the detection of diseases and identification of traits of interest in various species. Some of the projects that have been carried out to date are :

  • Identification of STR markers for camel genotyping,
  • Using in house and commercial microarray technologies for preparation of genomic libraries andidentification of novelgenes of interest in different species,
  • Whole genome sequencing of micro-organisms for detection and diagnostics purposes,
  • Re-sequencing of animals of interest for designing a methodology of differentiating animal breeds, optimising and identifying new genetic markers for the trait of interest,
  • Human whole genome and exome NGS sequencing for diagnostic purposes.
In addition to this MBG Lab provides a full spectrum of hands-on research training opportunities and support post- graduate students (MSc and PhD) who are registered in various universities around the world.

Welcome to our Medical Services

With many years of experience in this field, Medical Services is an enthusiastic section with a mission to provide an excellent service to all our customers.

We will provide you with a professional, accurate and affordable DNA testing service for your family which includes a selection of disease tests, DNA profiling and parentage verification.

We will help you to avoid inherited disease in your family, and ensure correctly assigned parentage. We will assist you to select the appropriate tests to your family and provide all your details.

We will send you back the result in a short trun around time. Simply send the samples to us and will be processed swiftly and accurately.